With its thriving real estate market and impressive golf properties, Cyprus presents a unique opportunity for people looking for an investment and those seeking to establish their roots in this Mediterranean paradise.


Investing in a golf property in Cyprus can help you acquire permanent residency which can be your ticket to acquiring citizenship.

Other Ways to Obtain Cypriot Citizenship


For those who have already established themselves in Cyprus, the naturalization route offers a pathway to citizenship. To be eligible, individuals must legally reside in Cyprus for seven years, with the last year of continuous residency preceding the application date. This period can be reduced to five years for the children or parents of Cypriot citizens or holders of Cyprus Permanent Residency, including those with permanent residency obtained through investment. The application process involves a fee of €500, with an additional €500 fee upon approval.

Marriage to a Cypriot Citizen

If you are married to a Cypriot citizen, you may be eligible for citizenship after three years of marriage and two years of residency in Cyprus. Foreign spouses of Cypriot citizens living abroad can also apply for citizenship, provided they have been married for at least three years and submit a letter explaining their reasons for seeking Cypriot citizenship. The application fee is €300.

Citizenship by Birth or Descent

If you have Cypriot roots, you may be entitled to Cypriot citizenship as anyone born in Cyprus or at least one of their parents is a Cypriot citizen, can get citizenship by descent. This can be obtained through various ways as mentioned below.

Application Type M121

This application is specifically intended for minors or adults born abroad after August 16, 1960, with a Cypriot citizen father at the time of their birth or individuals born after June 11, 1999, with a Cypriot citizen mother at the time of their birth.


The government fee for this application is €20.

Application Type M126

This application is for minors born before June 11, 1999, in Cyprus or abroad with a Cypriot citizen mother and a foreigner father, or for minors whose father acquired Cypriot citizenship after their birth. It can also be submitted for minors whose parents acquired Cypriot citizenship through naturalization or marriage to a Cypriot citizen.

The government fee for this application is €80.

Application Type M123

This application is for adults born on or after August 16, 1960, with neither parent being a Cypriot citizen at the time of their birth. Additionally, it can be submitted by adults who were born after August 16, 1960, and have a connection to individuals who became British citizens based on specific historical events.

The government fee for this application is €50.