Best Golf Resorts in Cyprus

Discover the Best Golf Resorts in Cyprus

Cyprus has become an ideal golf destination not only for golf players but also for people who enjoy the golf resort lifestyle. The island’s best golf resorts have world-class championship courses, amazing golf clubs and an extensive list of additional amenities and activities for everyone.

Aphrodite Hills, Minthis, Eléa Estate, Venus Rock and Limassol Greens are among the best golf resorts in Cyprus. These spectacular golf resorts attract golf players and tourists from all around the world with a lot of them returning again and again or even deciding to purchase a golf property at one of these resorts.

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Best Golf Resorts in Cyprus

These are the five best golf resorts on the island.

Aphrodite Hills

One of the island’s most popular golf resorts with the award-winning 18-hole PGA National Cyprus Golf Course, Aphrodite Hills is a place for everyone and everything. Visitors and residents can enjoy all the amenities the resort has to offer. From cafes and restaurants to shops, a grocery store and an ATM, the resort really lacks nothing. Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort has a list of activities for kids and adults and of course, a retreat spa where residents can enjoy the relaxing treatments.

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Minthis Golf Resort is also considered one of the best golf resorts in Cyprus. Combining modernity with the traditional elements of Cyprus architecture and perfectly in harmony with nature, the resort is just spectacular. Residents and non-residents can choose from a countless list of amenities. Just a stroll in the resort’s Plateia and a visit to the boutiques and restaurants will leave everyone speechless.

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Eléa Estate

A golf resort where everyone can enjoy life. Eléa Estate is a golf resort that offers exceptional services and amenities for all people and ages. Bars, restaurants shops and a spa surround the 18-hole golf course, creating a sense of a miniature city. Apart from golf, residents and visitors can enjoy the resort’s additional sport facilities. As one with nature, the properties at the resort are simple yet elegant and modern. Being at Eléa Estate offers residents tranquility and peace.

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Venus Rock

Set right below the Secret Valley Golf Course, Venus Rock Resort offers exquisite views of the golf course and the Mediterranean sea. The resort is close to both Limassol and Paphos, very close to Paphos International Airport and has an easy access to the highway. After a golf game at the impressive 18-hole championship Secret Valley golf course, residents and visitors can enjoy the facilities of the clubhouse which includes a restaurant, washing and changing room facilities and a pro-shop.

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Limassol Greens

Limassol Greens is one of the ultimate leisure destinations on the island. The residents at the golf properties can enjoy the peaceful life the resort provides. Restaurants, boutiques, a kids’ playground, a spa and wellness centre are all available for everyone to enjoy. Set in Limassol, a city that is in continuous development, the resort is at an ideal location. Residents can stay at the resort for a calm day or have a trip to Limassol city centre or even Larnaca or Paphos.

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3 Luxury Hotels in Cyprus for Golfers

Cyprus is an enchanting island where the past and the present merge, creating a unique backdrop for golf enthusiasts. With its breathtaking landscapes and rich history, the island is not just a destination for golf but a place where luxury and relaxation are taken to another level.

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Exploring the Best Adventure Activities Near Cyprus’s Golf Properties

Cyprus is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea, with idyllic beaches, rich history and beautiful golf courses. In Cyprus, you can find many thrilling outdoor activities and adventure opportunities in this island paradise that will suit your golf course residency with no debate. In this article, we are exploring the best adventure activities near Cyprus’s golf properties.

the history of golf properties
The History of Golf Properties

Golf has been enjoyed for many centuries now since the first golf coursed began to appear in the nineteenth century. With the passage of time golf coursed and the game grew in popularity making golf courses high in demand. Nowadays golf properties can be found in modest homes, golf communities and even in luxurious villas and resorts. Here you can learn more information regarding the history of golf properties.