Benefits of Buying a Golf Property in Cyprus

Benefits of Buying a golf property in Cyprus

Here are 7 Benefits of buying a golf property in Cyprus. Learn more about the amazing opportunities of owning a Golf Property.

1. Permanent Residency

By the laws in Cyprus, a person can make an investment and buy a golf residence in Cyprus and through that, they can gain access to the program of having a permanent residency in Cyprus. This can give opportunities to investors coming from countries outside of the European Union. The permanent residency program can also be applied to the close family member of the investor, not just the investor themself. This gives the opportunity for the close family members to have permanent residency in Cyprus as well as the investor. A Permanent Residency in Cyprus can offer many other benefits, for example, high education opportunities from British Universities in Cyprus, quality medical facilities, Top banking facilities, and many network opportunities.

2. The Global Standard Courses of the Golf Properties

Although Cyprus hasn’t been known as a golf-practising country over history, it is sure to say that now it has become a popular destination for golfing. Many athletes and golfers from all around the world choose Cyprus as their destination to practice their sport making it a hot spot destination in recent years. The Cypriot climate makes the golfing experience enjoyable even during the winter months and of course, the landscape of Cyprus gives opportunities for courses to match the global standard measurement and characteristics of an excellent golf course. The Golf Properties in Cyprus carry the same excellence as the rest of the golf courses that can be found in Cyprus and all around the world.

3. Golf Properties Near One Another

The golf properties in Cyprus are located near each other, making this way a space of community between the Golf Property owners. The golf courses give space between the houses giving a sense of privacy for each property but at the same time, a sense of safety and community between the neighbours and the overall environment.

4. Near the Beach Golf Properties

Cyprus is so well known for its amazing beaches. But the golf properties give the opportunity to combine beach and mountain together in one. While there is an open space for the golf course there is also a beach nearby to combine the two as the owner would wish. This also makes for a wonderful and picturesque view that can only be found in the unique landscapes of Cyprus.

5. A Space not Only for Golf Players

The Golf Properties in Cyprus are not only designed for golfers. Anyone who is looking to own a space of relaxation and open space for fresh air, this is their opportunity. Switching from a loud city living location to a calm and private golf property in Cyprus can offer the values that not many have the privilege to experience in their lifetime.

6. Becoming Part of the Community:

The Golf Properties in Cyprus can give the owner the opportunity to create connections with the neighbour property owners. Contacts are created and friends for golfing matches, as well as organizing events and celebrations between the vibrant community. Golf properties also maintain an image of high status and give the owner more opportunities for professional and business connections with the high-class community of the area.

7.  Lifestyle and Health Benefits:

By owning a Golf Property in Cyprus, owners get to experience an improvement in health and wellbeing. The open space of the golf courses can inspire more time for exercise and walking sessions around the beautiful properties. the community can inspire more golf practising and matches, and the nearby beach can inspire swimming sessions and long walks at the beach.