A Day in the Life of a Golf Resort Resident in Cyprus

golf resort resident

A golf course resort is an excellent place for everyone. Whether a resident or not, everyone can enjoy a day at a golf course resort. But what could be a typical day for a resident of a Golf Property in Cyprus? Read to find out what is like a day in the life of a golf resort resident in Cyprus.


First, a golf property’s residents could start with a breakfast of their choice. Residents have the chance to prepare breakfast themselves in the fully-equipped kitchen or enjoy a delicious breakfast out of an endless list of options at the resort’s restaurant. Most golf resorts have different options from pastries to yoghurts and pancakes for the residents and visitors to choose from.

Some residents may prefer to start their day with a relaxing yoga class, a walk through the resort’s beautiful and calming gardens and paths or hit the gym before having breakfast. Either way, all golf resorts can offer breakfast and sports amenities.

After breakfast, golf residents can enjoy a game of golf and spend some time at the golf club. Of course, people who do not like or do not want to play golf can enjoy other amenities that the resort offers. They can stroll around the shops, enjoy an activity out of the many that the resort provides or enjoy a relaxing morning at their property.


Delicious lunch is served at the various restaurants of a golf resort. Of course, residents can enjoy cooking lunch at their property and spend some quality family time with their loved ones at home.

After lunch, many golf resort residents like to go on a walk around the resort and admire the beautiful greenery or have a nap and rest a bit.


The afternoon is the best time for many of the activities and amenities at a golf resort.  Residents can relax by the pool, go shopping, and have a drink and a snack at one of the resort’s cafes and bars while looking over the resort’s beautiful garden where a wedding ceremony could occur in the resort’s garden.

Residents can also enjoy a spa treatment as part of their relaxing afternoon. Golf resorts are known for their advanced spa treatments. Most, if not all, golf resorts offer exceptional mind, body and face spa treatments for residents and visitors. Golf property owners have the chance to enjoy these treatments and pamper themselves.


Once the evening comes, residents can have a night at one of the resort’s restaurants and enjoy delicious food and amazing drinks. Golf resorts also offer great places for after-dinner drinks as well as nighttime activities like live music or other entertainment activities.

A day at the golf resort can include all kinds of activities and, thus, meet the needs and preferences of all residents.